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Do you or someone you love rock the Kojak look? Don’t forget a hat!

Seattle Plastic surgeon beseeches all young Kojaks to wear a hat this summer.

blog telly savalasWe all owe a lot to Telly Savalas, a.k.a. Kojack.  He was man enough to embrace his male pattern baldness and opt for the clean shave rather than a nasty comb-over or a nastier toupee.  And that was way back in the 1970’s when the earth was cooling, I was in high school and the rock opera Hair was all the rage.  Telly was soooooooooo  fashion forward.

So I love it when guys who are challenged in the coiffure department rock the Kojak look but………………………….these guys need to protect their pate.  A nice shiny bronze dome may look great on the beach (especially if attached to a six pack) but fast forward a couple of decades and that scalp will be sprouting skin cancers like crocus in my garden in February.

I have seen all three types of skin cancer on bald heads.  There’s basal cell cancer which usually grows slowly and is usually caught and treated before it causes too much trouble.  And then there is squamous cell cancer which spreads wider and faster and is not as easy to diagnose visually.  And then there is malignant melanoma that can lead to a much too early grave.    These cancers are all related to sun damage that occurred decades earlier.

So all you testosterone oozing Kojaks out there and all you ladies who have one of these in your life, don’t forget a hat and take a good look at that gorgeous scalp at least twice a year.  If you find something funny, get thee to a dermatologist.

Thanks for reading and you can leave your hat on.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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