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Shoes and breast implants – a good fit for both.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon knows a lot about shoes and breast implants.

You won’t want to wear them if they don’t fit.

Can you imagine buying an expensive pair of shoes that just don’t fit?  Maybe they are too small and you have to cram your little piggies into a too tight toe box or maybe they are too big and slip and slide everytime you take a step.  Crazy, huh?  Size really matters when it comes to shoes and who cares about the number on the inside of the shoe as long as it fits.  Right?

Well, it’s the same with breast implants.  Sometimes patients get really, really hung up on numbers.  For example, a patient will come in saying “I want a Style 20, 650 cc implant that will get me into a 32 DDD bra”.  Whoa, and that’s before I have even examined her!

If she is a slender woman with a narrow chest, that implant is going to have too large a diameter and it’s going to give her the dreaded unaboob a.k.a. synmastia, or it’s going to end up spilling into her armpit.  On the other hand, if she is a larger woman with a really, really broad chest, that implant is not going to give her the medial fullness to create a nice cleavage or the lateral fullness to balance her hips.  If she has a moderately broad chest and a breast diameter of around 15 cm (about 6 inches), that implant will probably fit her pretty well.  But it is my job to examine her, measure her and guide her towards an implant that fits her.   A little bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, huh?

The other number I’d like my patients to forget about is bra size.  Repeat after me “bra size doesn’t matter as long as my implants enhance my figure“.    As all ladies know, bra sizes are all over the place and there is precious little standardization.  Take a look in any women’s lingerie drawer and she likely has 2 or 3 or even 4 different sizes.  I tell patients the best way to deal with bra size is to get professionally measured, buy bras that fit well and, if  they don’t like the size, cut out the tag!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – keep an open mind about what size of implant will be right for you and trust me (I am a doctor) to use an implant that will fit your body and then, after surgery, keep and open mind about what size bra will be right for you and trust the bra lady (especially if she has a little gray hair and reading glasses) to get you into the right bra.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder








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