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The Non-surgical Breast Lift – All You Need Is Tape

Seattle Plastic Surgeon performs a non-surgical breast lift in the exam room in 72 seconds!

blog breast lift

Non-surgical breast lift on the left. Nice, huh?

Recently I had a lady come in who really, really wanted to know what HER breasts would look like after a breast lift.  Showing her photos of ladies with similar breasts wasn’t quite enough.  She wanted to look in the mirror and see what a perky breast would like on HER chest.  So………………………………..I got out the tape.  Using the tape, I did what I do in surgery.  I raised the nipple, I tightened the breast and in her case I flattened the fatty area near her armpit.  Since the tape covered the nipple, I drew one on with a purple surgical marker.  She looked in the mirror and, except for the purple nipple, really liked what she saw.

Feel free to try this at home if you are thinking about a breast lift but just be aware that sooner or later you will need to remove that tape!  A surgical breast lift will last a whole lot longer!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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