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Too good to be true??? Yes!!!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon Uncovers Some Really, Really Misleading Before and After Photos.

scan0043I am really on a roll here, or maybe it’s a rampage. It’s too soon to tell. Here is another “before and after” from yet another liposuction gizmo that is supposed to sculpt the fat layer and tighten the skin layer, all without surgery!

Take a close look at these photos. They are pretty impressive, don’t you think? But take a really close look. Mentally drop a straight line down from the point where her nose meets her upper lip. Then take a look at her chin. Her chin (AS IN CHIN BONE) has been moved forward. This ad thus implies that this non-surgical fat sculpting and skin tightening gizmo can actually move a chin and jaw bone. Maybe this lady’s chin and jaw were moved but if so, it was done using an orthognathic surgical procedure and it involved a bone saw and some metal screws and plates. Not exactly non-surgical or minimally invasive. Or maybe the ad folks just used Photoshop. Either way, this ad is more than highly misleading. It is fraudulent.

And again, the wretched thing is that these gizmos are heavily marketed to those without full training in Plastic Surgery. And those wannabe “plastic surgeons” who may be saying, “Wow, what a great result. I must have one of these!” don’t even know what orthognathic surgery is. I sure didn’t know it existed until I did my plastic surgery training.

Orthognatic surgery, by the way, is a field of plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery which involves moving the bones of the face, usually the upper and/or lower jaw. And it’s not done with a “minimally invasive”, one bazillion dollar, fraudulently advertised gizmo with a “doesn’t know any better” doctor pushing the button.


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