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The magic of mastopexy a.k.a. breast lift

Seattle Plastic Surgeon blabbers on and on (again) about her favorite operation.

brest lift 1One reason that breast lift a.k.a mastopexy is my very favorite operation is the variety of breast lift techniques that can treat many different issues with breast shape.  Breast lift can do many things to improve the appearance of the breast.  Obviously, breast lift can lift the breast but it can also improve the position and/or size of the nipples and areolas and can even lower the actual breast mound in relation to the nipples.

As usual (especially in plastic surgery), a picture is worth a bajillion words.

Let’s take a look at this patient.  The top photo illustrates a few issues with her chest.  Her nipples and areolas are a little too large and too low. The fold under her breast is too high.  She has fullness of the upper lateral area near her arm pits and an indentation in the middle lateral area of her breasts.

breast liftA breast lift can address all of those issues.  The nipple and areola diameter is decreased and they are raised just a bit.  The actual breast mound is pulled down and the breast fold is lowered.  This gives the breasts a nicer shape.  And, as icing on the cake, the indentation is filled in to make a smoother transition from her arm pit area to her breast mound.

All of this is done without disrupting the blood supply or nerve supply to the nipple and areola.  This patient can expect normal nipple sensation.  She should not, however, expect to be able to breast feed.  The breast tissue has undergone a lot of rearrangement which will likely interfere with the production of milk.

The scars around the areolas and the vertical scars will fade with time.  These scars are a trade off for her nicer shape and will not interfere with normal lingerie or swimwear or even a bustier!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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