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Welcome to my blog. I am a plastic surgeon in Seattle and have been in private practice since 1991. I've seen more than a few interesting faces and cases through my years spent in the exam room, the operating room and the emergency room. And I have an opinion on just about everything relating to plastic surgery (and a lot of unrelated stuff). If you like my blog, let me know. Thanks for reading! Lisa

It’s open season for celebrities in swimsuits.

Scans,   (20140304095238874) 20140722133849781Recently I found myself waiting in a long line at the grocery store so I reached for the National Enquirer to catch up on the latest case of Spontaneous Human Combustion and Lizard Boy but alas, about half of the issue was devoted to mostly unflattering photos of celebrities in swimsuits.  It was a potpourri of bulges, sags, bags, cellulite, stretch marks and other bodily imperfections.  After a few pages, I just had to put it down.  Maybe it’s the Catholic in me but I just felt kind of guilty looking.  But before putting in back in the rack, I did get a glimpse  of Bruce Springsteen frolicking in the surf.  He’s in his sixties and he is still The Boss.

I am so thankful that nobody follows me around with a camera!

Thanks for reading.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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