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Have a party to attend? Get thee a Tuzzie Muzzie.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon breaks the ice at a party with her Tuzzie Muzzie!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon's party hat.
There’s a Tuzzie Muzzie to complement any party frock.

Last Friday I attended my very first Twelfth Night Party.  It was a fancy affair with cocktails, dinner, dancing, and dessert buffet at Seattle’s Women’s University Club.

You readers of my blog may find this a little hard to believe, but I am quite shy and I was a little concerned that I only would know one person at this fancy affair.  I needed a little wardrobe courage  so I wore my playful Tuzzie Muzzie.  This little, whimsical party hat is a great ice breaker and conversation piece.  It has served me well over the years.

Shorty after walking in the door into a sea of strangers, I was approached by a lovely gentleman who knew a lot about this particular party accouterment.  I learned that the generic name for these fancy head pieces is “Facinator”  and they are all over the place in the British party scene and the Kentucky Derby.   I had no idea.  I guess this Seattle gal needs to get out more or at least pay more attention of Royal Weddings and horse races!

I had a lovely time at the party and I know that my Tuzzie Muzzie was a big help.

I now feel lucky that Seattle has it’s own Facinator milliner.  You can either shop online or go to Crackerjack in Seattle’s Wallingford Center and try one on.  And make sure to wear it to your next party, especially if you won’t know many people and are a little on the shy side.

Thanks for reading!  The rather shy Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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