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Happy sesquincentennial to the University of Washington!

Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder wishes her Alma Mater a happy 150th birthday (sesquincentennial).

The University of Washington is celebrating its 150 birthday this year.   I drive or bike by the campus frequently and always feel a pang of nostalgia for the more simple times of my college and medical school years, all spent at the UW.

During my undergraduate years, I spent my time on “upper campus” shown in this photo.  The UW has one of the most beautiful campuses in the universe, thanks to some lovely old buildings, great landscape design and our mild, maritime climate that leaves most of the campus green even in the dark days of our northern winter.  Traipsing from German class to chemistry lab was just felt like a lovely 1/2 mile walk in the garden most days.

The medical school is located on “south campus” which is a collection of modern buildings that look like they were designed by Stalin or Mao Zedong.  I always felt I should be wearing a Chairman Mao hat and calling my med school buddies “comrade”.  The saving grace of the “south campus” is the fact that it is right on the shores of Lake Union.  There’s nothing like sitting by the lake to get a little mental clarity after 2 hours in the neuroanatomy lab trying to find then memorize the location the 12 cranial nerves.

So happy birthday University of Washington.  The times were great, the tuition cheap (really, it was) and the education was outstanding!

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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