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Dr. Oz- say it isn’t so.

I do believe in Santa.  Dr. Oz?  Not so much. Blog  Dr. OZ

Okay, I have never seen his TV show but I do read his column in O Magazine every month and more often than not, I think to myself – really, how can you know that Dr. Oz?????  You see he makes these big proclamations like: if you eat blueberries, you won’t get Alzheimer’s disease.   And my scientific mind starts thinking about the kind of research it would take to prove that.  Lets see – get 10,000 50 year olds and make half of them eat blueberries every day and then do brain biopsies on them when they are 65 to see if they have the plaques and tangles seen in Alzheimer’s disease.   Ready to sign up for that one?   That study has never been done and never will be done.  Nor have or will a bajillion studies necessary to back up what Dr. Oz spews as medical fact.

Well, yesterday I had my sneaking suspicion confirmed that all of his spewing was mostly malarkey.  Check out this article in the LA Times.   Seems that only 11 % of what comes out of Dr. Oz’s mouth has any basis in reality and the rest, well, I guess he just makes it up as he goes.  Okay, okay.  He is an honest-to-God heart surgeon so I’m sure he knows a lot about hearts but geeze, all of this other stuff?   Methinks someone just feeds him the lines and he spews them and gets away with it because he looks so hot in surgical scrubs.

Thanks for reading and my blog might not meet the highest standard of scientific inquiry, but it’s mostly true stuff most of the time!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder.




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