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Botox for Excess Sweating

May 23rd, 2014 — 10:56am

Seattle Plastic Surgeon and her male patients go through a lot of Botox this time of year.

This time of year Seattle men put away the flannel and fleece and Gortex and some of them make appointments for Botox injections to their armpits.   Excess underarm sweating is fairly easy to conceal in heavy winter clothing but not so easy to conceal once the temperature gets above 65 or so.

Botox injection for excess underarm sweating is one of the most common procedures I do on men.   At first, all of my underarm Botox patients were women but now the word is out to men.  And it’s not just the metrosexuals and hipsters who come in.  It’s guys from every walk of life.

Botox is a miracle treatment for excess sweating but it does have its downsides.  It’s really expensive for me to purchase and I have to pass that expense along to my patients.  Underarm Botox injection is done with 100 units of Botox and costs, gasp, $1500.  And it is an injection which means needles (although they are teeny, tiny needles).  The injection is moderately uncomfortable.  And the real bummer is that Botox does not last forever.  It usually lasts at least 6 months and I have some patients who get relief for a whole year.

For permanent relief, I offer axillary sweat gland excision which involves an outpatient operation in which the sweat glands are scraped away from under the axillary skin using a couple of small incisions and a special curette.  See this page on my website for more information.

Soooo, if you are tired of being Sweaty Eddie, come on in for a consultation and we can discuss your options.

Thanks for reading and Keep Cool and Carry On.  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Botox, Excess Sweating, For Men Only

Botox flying off the shelf

July 8th, 2011 — 6:44pm

Don’t let that excess sweating ruin your nice summer frock.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon just loves Botox for excessive sweating.

It is finally, maybe, hopefully summer in Seattle and my plastic surgery office is rockin’ with the demand for underarm Botox injections.  Excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a fairly common condition and Botox injections are the treatment of choice for cases that are not controlled with prescription strength antiperspirant.

During the cold months, it’s easy to hide those sweaty pits under sweaters and jackets but come summer, it’s not so easy.

Botox treatment is a quick outpatient procedure with no down time.  The injections smart but within a few minutes the sting is gone and within a few days the excess sweat production is gone.  Bring on those lovely  silk and linen summer blouses, ladies.  And for you gentlemen, get those colorful polo shirts out of your closet.  Forget about the navy blue ones.  You won’t “need” them.

The downside of Botox treatment (the only downside in my opinion) is the cost (Botox is really expensive for the doctor and thus the patient) and the need for repeat treatments (about every six to nine months).

Some patients eventually elect to have a procedure where I remove the sweat glands through a couple of small incisions in the axilla but most of my hyperhidrosis patients include their Botox injections when planning their budget.  What Botox cost will save you bundle in clothing and dry cleaning costs and a real bundle in embarrassment.

Let’s do the math.  Underarm Botox:  $1500, lasts 6 months, costs about $8/day.  Dry arm pits:  Priceless.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

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