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What breast shape do you like?

Seattle Plastic Surgeon explains how different breast implants influence breast shape.

Take a look at these different breast shapes.  It is important to know what type of shape a patient prefers when doing a breast augmentation consultation.  The size and shape and projection of breast implants influences the final shape of the breast.  Other factors include the original size and shape of the breast and whether or not a lift will be done.

The French Breast.  If a woman likes this shape, she may do really well with just some fat transfer to boost her maybe a cup size and fill in the upper part of the breast just a little bit.  The French Breast can impersonate a Could Have Occurred In Nature breast with a well fitted and lightly padded bra.  Oo, la, la.

Let’s Stop Traffic!  This shape will likely require either a medium or high profile round  implant.  These implants give a big boost to the upper pole of the breast.  Some women like this look.  Most men like this look although not all men will admit to it.

Could Have Occurred in Nature.  This shape is likely to be achieved with a medium profile implant.  This provides a nice full slope to the upper breast but not a bulge.  Ladies with this shape of breast can get Let’s Stop Traffic! with a push up bra.

Tennis Anyone?  This sporty shape is most likely achieved with either fat transfer or a low profile implant.  This breast has some medial fullness to get a little cleavage and some lateral fullness to balance the hip but does not have a lot of projection.  This shape may also be achieved with a breast lift or a breast reduction.   This breast shape is preferred by many mature ladies because big, projected breasts make most mature ladies look (gasp) fat.


breast shapes

The French Breast——–Let’s Stop Traffic!———Could Have Occurred In Nature——–Tennis Anyone?

So there you have it, Breast Enhancement 101 on a single blog entry!  When I see patients in consultation, I try to show them lots of examples of my work to get an idea of what they like and to give them an idea of what I can do.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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