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The Breast Implant Double Bubble Explained

Seattle Plastic Surgeon explains what causes a double bubble deformity in the implanted breast. 

The implant rides high and the breast falls over the lower edge of the implant creating the weird shape of the "double bubble".

The implant rides high and the breast falls over the lower edge of the implant creating the weird shape of the “double bubble”.

I saw two patients this week with the so-called double bubble.  Both of these ladies had implants that were over 10 years old and both had experienced some sagging in their natural breasts.

The double bubble occurs when time and gravity result in the natural breast drooping and falling below the bottom border of the breast implant.  Breast implants tend to stay put over time because they are held in place by the implant pocket and the resultant scar capsule that forms around them.   Or, in some cases, the scar capsule starts to thicken causing a so-called capsular contracture and the implant can be displaced up which can result in an early or really bad double bubble.

Treatment depends on how much the double bubble bothers the patient, how bad the double bubble is, the age and condition of the implants and the condition of the patient’s breasts.  Usually treatment will consist of doing a breast lift to get the breast back up into a better position relative to the implant.  If the implant has developed a tight capsular contracture, removal of the old implant and capsule and replacement with a new implant may be necessary.

Sometimes ladies in middle age develop the double bubble and don’t really want to do anything surgical.  It can be “fixed” with a good bra.  And sometimes ladies in middle age decide that their implant days have come to an end and opt to have the implants out and a breast lift.  These ladies are often relieved to be implant free and often just love their smaller and perky breasts.

So, with the double bubble and many other things related to plastic surgery, the main culprit of  is time and gravity, which keeps me in business.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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