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Beware the Benelli a.k.a.donut a.k.a periareolar breast lift.

Seattle Plastic surgeon blogs about one of her pet peeves – Big breast implants and a Benelli (circumareolar or donut)  lift done to avoid a full breast lift.

Big implants and a Benelli lift.  IMO it's must not a good look.

Big implants and a Benelli lift. IMO it’s just not a good look.  A full lift and smaller implants would have served this patient better.

I do alot of breast revision surgery and I see at least one patient a month who had the operation shown on the left who is unhappy with their result.  And it is almost always the case that the patient did not want the scar from a full breast lift to treat significant sagging.  So she and her surgeon agreed on a large implant to take up some of the slack breast skin and a Benelli (a.k.a. circumareolar a.k.a. donut) lift to lift and reduce the diameter of the nipple and remove some excess breast skin.

The Benelli lift always flattens the area around the nipple as is seen in this case.  Occasionally flattening is indicated if a patient has a tuberous deformity.  And if the Benelli is expected to lift just a little and tighten just a little, the results can be very pleasing.  Problems occur when surgeons and their patients ask too much of this technique.

With breast and body surgery, shape and contour is more important that length of scars.  A long scar almost always will fade and smooth out but a weird contour will not change over time.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder


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