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Axillary Sweat Gland Excision: a procedure I am abandoning

Over the years, I have removed a few procedures from my practice.  This week I am adding removing another one – axillary sweat gland excision.

Miradry has a 90% approval rating by patients.

MiraDry has a 90% approval rating by patients.

I started offering axillary sweat gland excision for excessive underarm sweating about 7 or 8 years ago and have many, many satisfied patients.  But now there is something better than surgery for underarm sweating – MiraDry.  MiraDry is a device that wipes out sweat glands with microwave energy and was approved by the FDA for underarm sweating a few years ago.  It is done as an office procedure with local anesthetic.   While I do not have a Miradry device, I have several patients who have raved about this treatment.  Also, Miradry gets a 90% approval rating on RealSelf by patients who have had the procedure.

So these days, instead of taking patients off to the operating room for a 1.5 hour procedure that requires about a week off of work, I refer them to a clinic that offers MiraDry.  It’s less expensive than surgery, has almost no down time and works in the vast majority of  patients.  To find a doctor who offers MiraDry, go to their web site.   And, no, I don’t get any kickback for this recommendation.

Thanks for reading!  Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder



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