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Breast Reduction a.k.a. Reduction Mammaplasty according to Seattle Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

Breast reduction is one of my most frequently performed procedures and one of my favorite procedures because the patient satisfaction rate is so high.  This operation makes the patient look, feel and function better. It’s not that unusual for a post-op breast reduction patient to start doing cool things like the Seattle to Portland bike race or the Danskin Triathlon.

Breast Reduction

Quick facts:

  • Costs:  $7500 – $9500 depending on the amount of breast tissue removed and length of surgery.
  • Post-operative pain:  moderate.
  • Time off work or school: 2 week.
  • Time off driving:  5 – 10 days or once you are off narcotic pain meds.
  • Time off the gym:  4 weeks.
  • Time off the slopes:  6 weeks.
  • Time off the kite board: 8 weeks.
  • How long  a breast reduction lasts: forever unless there is subsequent childbearing and/or weight gain.
  • Patient satisfaction:  very, very high.

And here’s the fine print:

Breast reduction is performed to reduce the weight of the breasts and provide some relief from the back, neck and shoulder pain many large breasted women experience. I lift and reshape the breast at the time of reduction and the improved appearance of the breast is an added benefit. Many patients trade in their Seattle uniform of a down vest for something a little more form fitting after surgery.

I perform breast reduction in my AAAASF certified Seattle office operating room,  at  Seattle Surgery Center which is conveniently located next door to my office building, or at Swedish Medical Center. Patients are under a general anesthetic. Almost all patients can go home the day of surgery. Most patients take one to two weeks off following surgery, depending on their occupation. Although most patients are up and about and doing light household tasks within a day or two of surgery, I ask that patients avoid lifting or reaching and strenuous activities for several weeks following the surgery. I have patients wear a sports bra for about three weeks and then get fitted for a new bra by an experienced fitter, usually at Nordstrom or Macy’s.

I almost always can use a vertical breast reduction technique that preserves nipple sensation and eliminates or minimizes the long horizontal scar under the breast. That long horizontal scar can be a real bummer on one of our rare warm and sunny Seattle days that just begs for a halter-top. Rarely, if a patient’s breasts are really huge and/or very ptotic (saggy), a “nipple graft” procedure is necessary. This results in permanently numb nipples. I do measurements at the time of the initial consultation and discuss which technique is best suited for you.

Breast reduction leaves scars on the breasts. Fortunately, these scars usually “settle down” after 9 to 12 months. The scars are located on the lower part of the breast and easily concealed by normal clothing, undergarments and swimwear. At the time of your consultation, I show examples of postoperative scars so patients will know what to expect. I have a scar reduction plan that all of my patients get started on within a few days of surgery. Most patients feel the scars are a small price to pay for the benefits they gain from breast reduction.

The benefits from breast reduction are usually long lasting. Weight gain and pregnancy can affect the size and shape of the breast. This surgery is best done in patients who are at a stable weight and are done with childbearing. There are some young women, however, who are so troubled by their large breasts, that they elect to have the surgery done with the knowledge that they will not be able to breast feed and that their breasts may change with pregnancy. These are issues I discuss with the patient to assist in their decision about surgery.

If a patient is seeking a female, woman or lady plastic surgeon in Seattle, I certainly qualify. I understand “breast issues” and know how challenging navigating the lingerie department can be! I think my part time job after retirement will be the nice older “bra lady” at Nordstrom!

Some insurance companies cover breast reduction if it is done for back, neck and shoulder pain and if a minimum amount is removed (usually about one pound from each breast). If your insurance company is likely to cover this procedure, I will write a letter to obtain preauthorization. Most insurance companies take 3 to 4 weeks to respond. I do not contract with any third party payers. Your insurance company may cover some of your expenses depending on your plan. Please check with your insurance company to see if they provide coverage for “out of network” physicians.

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