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You get what you pay for and a consultation with me is  money well spent.   

I charge a consultation fee of $100. I interview and examine all of my patient consults myself.  I do not delegate this to my staff.  I spend as much time as is needed to make sure the patient understands any recommendations I may have, including the occasional recommendation not to have plastic surgery!  My experience, judgment and ability to communicate openly and honestly and educate patients is valuable. If I did not charge for my time and expertise, the only way to capture that considerable time and effort would be to recommend surgery or other treatments that I perform to everyone who consults me. I consider that a moral hazard and I try to avoid moral hazards. If I do recommend surgery and the patient goes ahead and has the procedure, the consultation fee goes towards my surgeon’s fee. If I do not recommend surgery and offer advice or make a referral to another provider, please consider the consultation fee as money well spent.  I am giving you my honest assessment.

To schedule a consultation, call (206) 467-1101.